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RIP Pike River Miners


A second blast at the Pike River coal mine has sealed the fate of the 29  trapped miners (men, sons, fathers and husbands).  All of them are now presumed  dead. RIP.

Families were notified soon after the second explosion ripped through the methane filled mine. As emotions overflowed several people vented their anger at the mine representatives, who they believed failed to use windows of opportunities to rescue the men.  One father claimed that it smelled of a cover-up and that the second explosion was suspicious. Ironically after the second explosion rescue teams are now entering the mine.


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New Zealand Mine Disaster

Just as the world was coming down from the Chilean Miner rescue high, 29 mine workers are believed trapped in Pike River coal mine in New Zealand following an explosion . Rescue efforts have yet to begin due to the series of health and safety procedures required. Among the missing are New Zealand, Australian, British and South African workers. Two men managed to reach the surface safely following the kaboom. They said there were three more men on their way out, but so far there has been no sign of them. For one of the missing miners, Pete Rodgers, this will be the second time he’s been trapped in a mine . Three months ago he was rescued after being trapped for 8 hours. Thoughts and prayers.

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