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We Are Not Alone

I knew it , I knew it. Seems Aussies aren’t privvy to UFO sightings by airline pilots thanks to  EU legislation. Weird, unexplained sighting in the skies from 2011-2017 are not available even under the Freedom of Information Act. The Civil Aviation Authority are using a small piece of EU legislation to block any info . Here it is ….. “Occurrence information can only be used for the purpose of maintaining or improving aviation safety, and the release of occurrence information to the general public or the media, including in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, is not permitted.”

Hmm, I suppose they want to protect pilots from being carted away in straight jackets!


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They Weren’t What?

Probably not the words you want to hear, but crash investigators have concluded that the pilots of the doomed Air France which crashed into the Atlantic in 2009 (killing 228 souls) were not trained to handle the jet when it stalled. Well that’s just dandy isn’t it? The report claims “Neither of the pilots formally identified the stall situation” despite the plane started dropping and the friggin  alarm ringing for nearly a minute. Meanwhile in Air France’s camp they are saying fooey, the problem was the stall alarm malfunctioned and that their pilots showed “courage and determination in these extreme conditions,” Tough call but I think I am going for Team – Crash Investigators on this one!

Psst Air France could face manslaughter charges in connection with the crash

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It’s A Stressful Job

Slight delay while the pilot sobers up I'm afraid!

Oh dear, might want to check your pilot’s breath before catching a flight in India. The India’s airline authorities say they caught 57 pilots over the alcohol limit over the past 2 years. Yes, they were friggin about to take-off with passengers on board! Of the 57 only 11 got the sack.


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Air Crash Investigation

Phew, no need to worry people, the Jetblue plane which blew its tires and caught fire at Sacramento International Airport wasn’t faulty it was just that the  pilots accidentally landed with the parking brake on. Move on, nothing to see here.


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Pilots Falsify Their Resumes

OMG, you might want to avoid flying internal flights in China for awhile. Officials have discovered that over 200 pilots have falsified their flying histories. Reason? They don’t want to be seen dead having worked for a certain company that was involved in China’s worst plane crash in several years. Hmm, well fair enough, that’s something I don’t want to know either.

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Belly Flop!

Pilot forgets to lower landing gear Another day, another reason not to fly. Two Qantas pilots have been given their marching orders after they forgot to lower the wheels as they came into land. Whoops! The Boeing 767 was only 700ft off the ground when the flight crew realized their boo-boo. But not to worry   the “gear too low” warning screeched to life at  just around the same time. Hmm, that is pretty much failure of  basic flying 101!


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