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shark attackHmm, might want to avoid swimming in those Argentine rivers around Christmas time, seems the piranhas aren’t in the festive mood. Just ask the 60 swimmers who got chomped on whilst taking a dip during a Christmas heat wave. The nasty little pack fish chewed on fingers and toes and ripped flesh from their unsuspecting victims (including kiddies). Ouchy, ouch!


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Piranha Sushi Anyone?

Feet up Japan , three piranhas have been caught in a river in Atsugi. The fishes were about 4 inches long. Hmm, you sure they just aren’t mutant koi?


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Feet Up Swimmers in Brazil

Over 20 people were nipped by a school of piranhas on a feeding frenzy at a beach in Toropi, Brazil. I’m just saying…ouch!


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Honey, Why Is My Toe Missing?


Feet up loons, there are thousands of flesh eating piranhas on the rampage in Brazil. At least 15 swimmers have experienced their wrath, having being bitten by the vicious little nasties. One poor soul had a piece of his toe chomped off. Officials are warning people to get the hell out of the water if attacked because the blood will attract more of them!!  It’s the first time that the fish have decided to hang at the Daveron beach on the Paraguay river.


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