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First Impressions FAIL

You know what I hate? When you try to impress someone by jumping between two buildings but you mistime your jump and fall between the gap and have to be rescued. You gotta really hate that. A uni student from Pittsburgh was out to impress a woman but after crews had to use jackhammers to smash through a restaurant wall to extract him , I’m guessing it’s a NO.


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Bingo Bungle

Whatever you do,  don’t ever shout out “Bingo” at the Mary Mother of Hope parish hall in Pittsburgh if you don’t really have the winning card or they WILL hunt you down, I swear. Some guy collected the $400 jackpot  after calling out bingo and was handed the cash before the card was properly checked. By the time they realised they had been fooled the guy had skedaddled … but not for long. Police were at his door demanding the money back a short time later.


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And The Lesson Today

Dear parents, if your child happens to be behaving rather oddly of late we fear he/she may have tried a small bag of white powder handed out by a third grader. Sorry for any inconvenience. An 8 year old at Turner Elementary School in Pittsburgh has had around 60 small bags, of what is feared to be heroin, confiscated by police after he was allegedly caught handing them out to students. The substance is currently being tested. Letters have been sent to parents explaining the situation. Hmm, good luck with that!

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Stop Hogging The Blankets

A Pittsburgh man who was as snug as a bug in a rug got the shock of his life when a stranger jumped into his bed. Frank Fontana originally thought the person who snuggled up next to him was a woman who had keys to his home but when a deep male voice answered back “No, it’s not.” he jumped out and grabbed a baseball bat. Evidently the intruder was drunk and cold after seeing a Jay-Z concert and wanted a place to rest his head.


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Shoot Out Over Parking Space

Step away from the parking space

Geez, you shovel friggin snow out of a  parking spot  for your girlfriend and some bastard goes and puts his car in it,  the damn cheek. The inconsiderate person in question is Errol Parker Sr (61) who after being told to remove his car, got decidedly angry and punched the poor man and then pulled out a gun. When Pittsburgh police arrived Errol fired two shots at police but eventually surrendered. Hmm, that’s a attempted homicide and assault of a police officer right there!

Psst Mr Parker also got a tasering for good measure, despite surrendering.


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Baby It’s Cold Outside


Of  all the friggin ways to get on my blog, riding naked in your undies in freezing temperature on the hood of your girlfriend’s car will pretty much do it. Yes, the 57 year old man from Pittsburgh got into a fight with his 28 year old girlfriend  when one thing lead to another and there he was near naked and screaming at his girlfriend on the hood of the car.  Police are expected to lay charges as soon as they work out what charges to file.

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Not sure who shot him, but some guy in Garfield , Pittsburgh has had his left testicle blown off. Police report he was bleeding profusely.Thought you would like to know.

Psst Does that mean he will walk with a lean?


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