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Can I Order the Lot?

It sounded like a good idea at the time. A group of pizza delivery guys decided to run a side business…delivering cocaine in pizza boxes. Unfortunately, the cops got a whiff and set up “Operation Extra Olives.” to catch them.

PSST Sheez, lets hope Uber doesn’t get ideas!!!!

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Dude, Where’s My Garlic Knot?

A pizza delivery guy is recovering after a customer punched him fair in the face after he forgot his garlic knots. There’s a lesson in that!

Psst Florida


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Why You Should Always Tip Pizza Delivery Guys

That's gratuity for ya!

When will pizza delivery dudes learn ? Jonathan Kroning got punched in the face after he delivered a Meat Lover’s pizza to Shaver McNeil. It all started off pretty civil until Kroning was denied a tip. Come on people you gotta tip the pizza guy. So anywho, Kroning took the money for the pizza and didn’t say so much as thanks. That’s when things got ugly. McNeil’s wife then yelled out the door you could be more polite, to which Kroning responded that cheerfulness is related to gratuity (but probably not in those words).Wife then responded that she doesn’t care about tipping, Kroning then says he doesn’t care about her (again probably not in those words). That’s when Shaver McNeil steps in. He allegedly goes to Kronings car and complains the pizza is cold and demands he take it back before a) he shoves it through the car window (Kroning version) or B) Kroning knocks the pizza over (wife’s version). Either way Kroning gets “sucker” punched in the face resulting in a an orbital fracture under his eye. He gives Shaver McNeil his money back and drives back to Pizza Hut, where they call the police. In the meantime the wife has rung the establishment demanding Kroning be sacked. Shaver McNeil is currently in jail with bail set at $10,000.


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Say It Ain’t So!

One good reason why you should never ever have a pizza delivered ….


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