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Domino’s Little Helpers

 Want pizza in Japan during winter? Well you can AND have it delivered by a reindeer. Trials are underway in Hokkaido to train reindeer to deliver Domino pizzas. It is so going to happen  as soon as they work out how to get them to behave and how to attach the delivery boxes securely on their backs . Good luck with that, pizza maybe cold.


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Pizza Box Pizza

Genius, genius, genius. A Brooklyn pizzeria has created the first ecologically-friendly pizza box. It’s made entirely of pizza. Yep, pizza box pizza. Now the only prob is working out how to deliver it without putting it in another box.



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Meatball Pizza

vomitNote to self, never , ever order a pizza close to closing time in Texas. A disgruntled employee at a Papa Murphy’s restaurant allegedly rubbed his testicles over a customer’s family sized Canadian bacon, pineapple, extra cheese pizza because he was peeved that the customer ordered too close to closing time . Urgh, hate to think how the customer found out….


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Winter Vomiting Disease Cure

vomitEver heard of winter vomiting disease? Me neither but evidently chomping on a pizza may just prevent it. Seems Carvacrol, that can be found in oregano oil, can halt the spread of the norovirus. OK whoops, no, sorry, eating copious amounts of pizza won’t stop you from upchucking and getting the squirts because carvacrol only works when used as a sanitizer and I can’t see anyone ordering that on a  pizza. As you were, nothing to see here.


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Man Goes Feral Over Undercooked Pizza

Man tries to drown wife in dog bowlWord of warning lady loons, never, ever undercook your man’s  pizza . Some guy tried to drown his wife in a dog bowl after he got pissed about the soft crust. Seems it wasn’t to his liking so he did what any pizza loving dude would do, he rubbed the missus’ face in the dog’s water bowl. When police arrived she was still dripping wet. Hmm, that’s a attempted murder, strangulation and battery charge right there.

Psst Florida


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A Bear Walks Into A Store

I ordered it with anchovies!

Did you hear about the black bear that walked into Fat Tony’s pizza parlor in British Columbia? He grabbed a beef and blue cheese pizza from the counter and left without paying!


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Jesus Appears On A Pizza

He’s back and this time he has planted himself on a three cheese pizza from Posh Pizza in Brisbane. Bless. Jesus sure gets around. Oh my and he’s just been sold on eBay for $153 which included free postage and delivery. Hmm, something nice to plonk on the wall!


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Over My Dead Body

Ah, no thanks!

OMG, investigators in Naples are concerned that people are eating pizzas which have been baked using wood from coffins. Oh, ewh! Yep, authorities suspect  lower end pizza shop owners are using wood from old dug up coffins in their ovens. With grave digging now a booming business in Italy and especially Naples, the fear is thieves are now resorting to digging up coffins and then selling the pieces of wood to struggling pizza owners at cheap rates.

Psst Gives a whole new meaning to “Excuse me waiter, there is a hair in my pizza!”


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