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Anyone Seen a Plane?

Airplane windowI’m not the one to be impatient or anything but seriously, can’t anyone find the missing Malaysian Airlines plane? And to think they got a man on the moon in 1969!!!! I can’t believe on day 5 the navy suddenly announces they tracked it an hour after it went missing going the wrong way.  Hmm, that knowledge would have been handy on day friggin one. Seriously people , terrorists must be watching this with delight. I thought big brother was watching our every move, but it seems more like big brother’s baby sis.

The plane couldn’t have gone missing in a more populated area, with one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world yet nothing. I don’t get it. Rumours are flying that the Malaysian government maybe secretly negotiating with hijackers. Anyone want to borrow my tin foil hat?


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Fashion Mogul Twist

Italian Fashion mogul may have been kidnappedWhen a small Venezuela tourist plane carrying Vittorio Missoni (the CEO of the Italian fashion company Missoni), his wife and brother disappeared , authorities feared the worst. That was last week. Now, after a fruitless land and sea search and a weird text message, Italian police believe the group may have been kidnapped.The son of one of the passengers recieved a strange text message from his father the day after the plane went missing leading to speculation it’s a kidnapping. I smell a midday movie.


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Out Of Africa

One of Australia’s richest mining magnates Ken Talbot is feared dead after his plane went missing over the Congo. Mr Talbot and the entire board of Sundance Resources had chartered the plane to fly them to the Mbalam iron ore project when it lost contact 25 minutes after take-off. Sadly Mr Talbot wasn’t able to use his own private jet because it was too large to land at the Cameroon mine site.

UPDATE The wreckage of the plane has been found on the western ridge of the Avima Range in Congo, near the Gabonese border. There are  no survivors. The bodies of Ken Talbot and the rest of the passengers will take days to retrieve due to the remoteness of the area.


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