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This Is Where You Get Off

OK frequent plane travellers, here’s a heads up on when you are most likely to end up on Air Crash Investigation. Apparently the most vulnerable time for a plane to crash is during final descent and landing. So says Boeing. But you know what? Most of the plane crashes I have read about kaboom in mid flight, suddenly, without warning usually during an inflight movie or as the food trolley is heading down the aisle. This loon hates flying, despite doing it often. I not only check where all the exits are, but analyse the passengers to work out who I can outrun. Just saying.


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Sheep on a Plane

Pardon me

Pardon me

What do you get when you transport 2,186 sheep on a plane from Australia to Kuala Lumpur? A mid-air emergency. Evidently, the sheep farted so much it triggered the fire detection alarms and pilots were forced to divert the plane to Bali.  Pity the fool who had to open that cargo hold. Nawww stressed sheep are prone to bloat with gas. Good to know.


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Blade Runner

Airplane windowYou know what I hate? When you’re minding you’re own beeswax on a flight and suddenly you get whacked on the back of the head with a propeller. Hate that. A passenger on a Canadian flight got kaboomed with the plane’s propeller blade after it came off mid flight and crashed through the side of the plane. That’s gotta hurt.

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Flying High

Oh what up people? Seems a guy can’t drive his plane to the pub anymore without causing a stir !!! A pilot in Newman, Western Australia took  his wingless Beechcraft two-seater aircraft down the main drag straight to the local to have a cold one. Unfortunately the Halloween prank got him in big doodah as he didn’t have a pilot’s license…oh and the judge got all nanny statey about the potential of the propellor inflicting injuries on unsuspecting locals (especially kids).

A Newman police officer inspects the inside of the plane.


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Ebola Virus On The Loose

screamSeriously, which part of OMG run, did you not get? Have you not seen the uber friggin plague movies where someone gets on a plane with an infectious disease and spreads it faster than jam on a muffin? Suddenly, after months of “run, flesh-eating Ebola virus on the loose”, authorities are only NOW worried about airports. Well, too late, someone has already spread the world’s deadliest disease to another country after hopping onto a flight to Lagos. Yep, his potential trail of distruction includes everyone at the airport he got on and off at, everyone on the plane and also Togo, where his flight had a scheduled stopover. So boom, there you have it, the script that is no longer fiction.


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Chunder Down Under

Passengers on Qantas plane suffer gastroMove over worst nightmare we have a new winner. Imagine being on a 13 hour plane ride from Santiago (Chile) to Sydney with 26 students hurling their guts up violently (and lets not forget the diarrhoea) in the eight toilets, after boarding with friggin gastro. The tour group spewed and pooed the entire trip while horrified passengers watched on. When the flying bucket landed the sick were met by a line of ambulances escorting them to hospital. Pasta or chicken?

Psst Pity the poor cleaners


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Turtle Burger

Man tries to smuggle turtle  in KFC burgerOK, one more time loons. Despite what you might think, hiding your pet turtle in a KFC burger inside your hand luggage so you can travel with him on a plane is not going to work. Why, oh why, do you think they have Xray machines? Evidently the fast food turtle’s weeny legs protruding from the burger were a dead giveaway.

Psst China


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