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You Scratch ‘n’ Sniff It You Idiot!

Man, I shouldn't have smoked that!

You have gotta love the Dutch authorities, they have just handed out 30,000 scratch ‘n’ sniff cards with a marijuana scent to The Hague and Rotterdam residents to help them  recognize the smell so they can dob in a dope dealer. Blahahaha hello, what Dutch citizen doesn’t know THAT smell for goodness sakes? Evidently, since it’s legal in the Netherlands to be in the possession of under 5 grams of cannabis, authorities have pretty much ignored the whole marijuana growing issue. Until now. Seems while their backs were turned people have been growing friggin plantations in their apartments. It is estimated that the “green gold” market is now worth $2.8 billion annually. Sheez, wouldn’t that be handy revenue for Schwarzenegger. So anywho, for those Dutch citizens unfamiliar with the smell you can now scratch (just to be sure) before ringing the police number on the card.


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