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Smoking Can Cause Your Nipples to Fall Off

Whoops, what just fell?

A plastic surgeon in Detroit is warning women who have breasts lifts, smoke and your nipples could fall off. Seriously!!! Evidently nicotine and carbon monixide found in smoke can work together to hinder blood flow. So in other words they could turn black and drop off. Dr Anthony Youn warns all his patients to quit or face the consequences. In one particular case he had to use leeches to save his patients tits when they began turning purple. Evidently leeches are brilliant at sucking out the old blood to increase blood flow. Hmm, there is no way I would want a leech hanging off my…ah never mind, fortunately I don’t smoke!


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Trust Me I’m A Doctor

Attention all Idaho women, has anyone had their breasts examined by a Dr Berlyn Aussieahshowna at a bar recently? If so, I hate to break it you but she ain’t no plastic surgeon and she ain’t no woman, you’ve been groped! Kristina Ross, who use to be a man, had been stalking bars and offering women free breast examinations under the ruse of being a surgeon. She was later arrested and charged with impersonating a doctor after victims began ringing to make appointments at a surgery Ross said she worked at for follow up appointments.


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RIP Dr Frank Ryan

Oh my, one of Hollywood’s most well known plastic surgeons has died. Dr Frank Ryan (50) was killed when his jeep rolled down the side of Pacific Coast highway after he and his pooch had just finished hiking a giant sand dune. Ryan was responsible for Heidi Montag and Gene Simmon’s makeovers.

Psst If celebs don’t look that upset it’s just the botox, deep down they are friggin freaking!!!


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