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Walking Three Abreast

Man a no show for holding up idiot signWhat some people will do to become famous/infamous. A woman has spent $20,000 to have a third breast surgically attached to her chest in the vain hope she will become a reality star. The 21 year old was rejected by 50 doctors before she found one that didn’t have a prob with ethics. Now she has hired a camera crew to follower her around to record her struggles of being a woman with three breasts. She is naming her show ….wait for it … Jasmine’s Jugs. Lord have mercy!

Want sauce with that?



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OMG How Embarrassing

Just to rub a little more salt  into Lindsay Lohan’s wounds, New York photographers mistook singer Deborah Harry (aka Blondie) for the plastic surgery loving mean girl. Lohan, who was still licking her SNL wounds in a Manhattan Hotel, would’ve been horrified to learn that Blondie was being mobbed on the streets below by fans and paparazzi thinking the 66 year old was her.

Check out the photograph, can you tell the difference? Is it Lindsay or Blondie?


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Nip and Tuck

Oh boy, being the favorite son and heir apparent to North Korean despot Dear Leader isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Rumors are circulating that Kim Jong Eun has gone under the knife 6 times in an attempt to look more like his granddaddy, Kim Il Sung. The plastic surgeries happened between 2007-2010.




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All That Effort For What?

How far would you go to avoid a minor fraud charge in Mexico? Hmm, well Aaron Vera Morales underwent a sex change operation, beat that! Yes, when the man who had defrauded a government health agency was caught, police discovered he had a new female identity.  Hmm, couldn’t have been a great job considering he got caught! It is believed he had plastic surgery to alter his face but no one is saying if he went all the way. It’s not illegal in Mexico to change gender identity, so he won’t be facing false ID charges at least.  Oh boy, I hope for his/her sake he went all the way because you know how the men love pretty boys in the slammer!

Psst Thought this story was strange? Try the one about the man who was caught by his daughter having sex with a blow up doll and then got his wife to try and fake his death so he could have a sex change operation. Sheez, crazy mixed up world!

Want sauce with that?


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What The Hell Happened?

Egads, unless you’re French you probably won’t recognized these two…sheez, what am I saying, no one will recognize them now. In the 1980’s Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were TV heart-throbs with their own prime time scifi show, now they could have starring roles as aliens. The pair, who are now in their 60’s,  deny ever having plastic surgery, despite looking like the poster children for Botox. Hmm, I had no idea men’s chins dropped in middle age? The twins aren’t new to controversy, during the 1990’s they were accused of plagiarism their best selling book “God and Science” and later they were accused of handing in “hoax” papers to obtain their PhDs. The later became known as the Bogdanov Affair.


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Miss Plastic Hungary 2009

and the winner is....

and the winner is....

Budapest has gone where no other beauty contest has gone before, yes introducing Miss Plastic Hungary 2009.  The town was alive with boob jobbers, nose jobbers and face lifters all vying for the honor of winning the surgically enhanced beauty contest. No botoxers or collagen injectors need have applied, it was purely for the knifers.  Of course you want to know who won right? Reka Urban, a 22-year-old hostess, won a friggin apartment, first runner-up Edina Kulcsar won herself a new car and second runner-up Alexandra Horvath got the diamond jewelry. But wait there’s more…the top three plastic surgeons also received awards (but no one particular cares who they were).

Psst Can’t wait until someone comes up with the Steroid Olympics!


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