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Child’s Play

Just saying

It didn’t take long for the Massachusetts police to nab a shoplifter in Walmart. The fool used Play-doh on the security alarms and left a nice big friggin fingerprint in it. Doh! Fast forward to the Connecticut Forensics Lab and well you can guess the rest.


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Child’s Play

Multiple uses

OK, here’s the thing Illinois man wearing a bomb and threatening Obama and Muslims, it helps if the bomb wasn’t made from Play-Doh for goodness sakes! After a seven friggin hour stand-off police say the man was found to be wearing  a belt with wires attached to a curling iron and blocks of Play-Doh made to look like explosives. Awkward. That should be at least 10 years in a Federal Kindergarten I reckon!

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They Will Never Look There!

Hey kiddies, stop playing with daddy's stuff!

So if you were a big bad drug and weapons dealer in Brownsville, working with drug cartels in Mexico, where oh where would you hide your stash? Well it seems Play-Doh cups are good a place as any for cocaine and heroin. Who Knew?

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