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Could have been messy

bouncy house explodesHey kids, you do know that the barnacle covered buoy you are playing with and jumping on at the beach is actually a World War II bomb right? Awks. The young kids found the bomb on a Welsh beach and asked their mum if they could play with it. Turns out it was a live bomb. Enter the Royal Navy who kaboomed it.


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I Sooooo Want An Armadillo

Do they come in white with a bit of fur?


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Bear Necessities In Golf

This is why bears don’t play golf…too many distractions. This is why golfers get attacked by angry mama bears …. too many distractions.


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You’ll Be Sorry

Wanna watch a dumbassed praying mantis being teased by a mouse cursor? Hmm, thought not but here it is anyway!

Psst And never you mind nature loving people, the creature was released back into the wild after they had finished filming it. I hear it’s looking for an agent!


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Baby vs Cobra

No people, no. You don’t let your baby play with a friggin cobra, it only ends in tears!!! Lordie, lordie, lordie, here’s hoping the snake was defanged and milked or those parents make Janice look like a friggin saint!


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