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He’s Everything All Rolled Into One!

Holy cross dressing, murdering, Canadian commander, Batman. Sheez, Colonel Russell Williams was by day,  in charge of Canada’s largest air force base, a well respected pilot and loving hubby but by night he was a murdering, cross dressing, sex fiend. Williams has pleaded guilty to murdering two women and raping two others (plus taking photos) during  86 lurid sex crimes (which involved mainly stealing women’s lingerie) . Needless to say  the military are still friggin stunned. During the investigation they found hundreds of photos of Williams wearing stolen lingerie in the victim’s bedrooms while he masturbated. A large amount of stolen undies and bras, which were meticulously categorized and stored in bags and boxes, were found at his home he shared with his wife of 19 years.It is believed at least once he wore his military uniform during a break-in.Williams is facing life behind bars and decades of humiliation.

Psst You can read the full story here on Wiki.


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Friggin Appalling

Introducing the scum of the earth. A Sydney woman has pleaded guilty to having sex with her 9 year old son and then allegedly posting video of it on the internet. The hubby has also been accused of having sexual intercourse with him but is yet to face court. How do you sentence people like this?

Psst I hope there is someone out there who can give that child the love and nurturing he deserves but I suspect the community will be paying the price for this.


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I’m Just Saying

Not so lucky in the US huh?

Scott Zirus the West Australian scout leader who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 3 young boys in Texas while on a international exchange program was handed down a 40 year sentence (eligible for parole in 20). Had he not accepted a plea deal he would have faced the possibility of spending life behind bars. Take note Australia, you’d be lucky to get that for murder here! When Mr Zirus completes his jail sentence  he’ll immediately be deported back to WA to face similar charges against four other victims discovered after a police  investigation following his US arrest. Hmm, no doubt he’ll have it a lot more lenient (if he’s convicted at all!)


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You’re The Dirty Rat

Gosh, everyone knows microwaved rat tastes like shit!

OK, here’s the thing Wisconsin people who attempt to plant a dead rat in the food of an upscale restaurant to extort money, you can’t fool the insurance company.  Debbie R. Miller hatched up a scheme to place a dead rodent in her lunch and then sue The Seasons for $500,000. All went according to plan until the insurance company got their hands on one of their own. After numerous tests they concluded the rat was domestic and had been cooked in a microwave. Brilliant. The restaurant in question doesn’t use microwaves! Doh! Well never you mind Ms Miller, there are plenty more rats where you’re going.


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