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OCD by Neil Hilborn

A two minute poem by obsessive compulsive poet Neil Hilborn …. just spellbinding.



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Pam Ayres

Does anyone remember Pam Ayres? I grew up with her poetry and still have her well worn books on my bookshelf. Hilarious Loons, hilarious ….


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Emily Dickinson Sucks

Ever tried to plow through the compete works of Emily Dickinson? Hmm no? Probably a good thing. Here is a review from someone who tried.

Psst Now why couldn’t Dickinson be more like OCDBloggergirl?


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Prisoners Plagarize Famous Poems

OK, here’s the thing people, if you are going to offer £25 for the best poem written by a prisoner, you might want to check them first before publishing them in the prisoner’s newspaper (oh yes, they have their very own newspaper). Hmm, seems some of the “not so” smart street crims have been submitting poetry from well known poets such as Robert Frost and trying to past them off as there own, in an attempt to win. Friggin cheats in prison, what a surprise! Like they thought no one would notice!!!


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