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Nuremburg All Over Again

If you weren’t guilty why did you take the poison? A Bosnian war criminal left a UN court room stunned when he downed a small bottle of poison after he failed to over turn his 20 year sentenced . Slobodan Praljak later died in hospital.

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Nail Biting Emergency



Oh crap. Melbourne authorities have sent out an urgent plea for the man who bought Tincture of Nux Vomica from a local pharmacy  to return it immediately. Seems it contains friggin strychnine. Yes , you heard me strychnine. The man told the pharmachist he wanted something to stop his kid from biting their nails. Hmm, yeah, that will do it. Ingesting it can cause convulsions and possible death. Big question, who sells strychnine to the public? Miss Marple would be rolling around in her grave.


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Advise For Today

If your child has just eaten ants, do not, and I repeat, do not feed them ant-killer because you’re concerned about “ants jiggling inside” their tummy.This has been a community service announcement from the Dunedin-based National Poisons Centre.


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I Don’t Like Munday

Forget teacher’s pet, a 6th grader has admitted to poisoning his teacher using chemicals from a science kit. Joan Munday became violently ill after downing potentially lethal sodium carbonate in her spiked tea. When the Plumb Creek Elementary School teacher failed to show the next day, students told staff of the plot. The 12 year old has been charged with assault and is currently being held in juvy.

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Honey, Feel Like Some Bacon and Eggs?

Hello, I ate that shit!!!!

Oh my, feeding animals with toxic , cancer causing chemicals can’t be good. Urgh, just ask the  4,700 German  farmers (so far) whose livestock have been contaminated with dioxin, a cancer causing chemical and their farms closed indefinitely. The culprit?  Harles and Jentzsch. It has been alleged  the company accidentally  supplied 3,000 tonnes of it to animal feed makers.The shit was supposedly intended for use in bio-oils not animal feed.  Now it is feared that over 150,000 tons of the contaminated poultry and swine food has been used by farmers. Hmm, to make matter worse tests were done in March but the results (which are alarming) weren’t announced until December.  OMG, that means people have been getting dioxined all year long…..everybody panic!!!!

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Tossed Salad Anyone?

Psst, anyone know where I can find the nearest Sizzlers?

Remember the al Qaeda group who tried to blow up planes using two toner cartridge bombs? Well, I have it on good authority (CNN) they were going to poison salad bars and buffets throughout the US first but decided against it. Hmm,  probably because they wouldn’t get the credit for it.  Hello, there could be any number of things that could kill you stone dead in those friggin salad bars. Anywho, US Authorities received info that the terrorist group were planning to lace food supplies with ricin and cyanide. Despite the threat being credible the US officials didn’t bother warning the public because they believed it was beyond the capabilities of the terrorist organization and was merely a tactic not an actual plot. Hmm, just like flying planes into New York?


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I Do

Oh boy, you men in India better be on your toes if you decide to marry.Seems women scammers are on the rise. Take for instance some poor groom and his family from Uttar Pradesh who thought everything was friggin rosy after the wedding. Little did they know the bride was cooking up a poisonous concoction. When neighbors noticed the house latched from the outside they went to investigate and found the entire family unconscious.Oh yes, it gets worse, when the family regained consciousness they released they had been friggin fleeced. Cash gone, jewelry gone, valuables gone, bride gone and her whole friggin family gone. Bitch!


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No No Hamster

The Go Go Hamster maybe a No No hamster after consumer watchdogs discovered dangerous chemical levels in the fur and nose. Everyone panic , except for the parents who were luckless in finding one left on the shelf. Despite the alarm, the American firm is refusing to issue a recall insisting the Zhu Zhu pet is safe (psst the toy is made in China, need I say more). The poison in question is called antimony and is pretty much similar to arsenic.

Psst What’s the bet, if there is a recall, it will be after Christmas!


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