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Cow bro

A wayward calf got chauffeur driven to the Christchurch jail cell by police after he was found wandering the streets. After spending the night in jail, being hand fed milk, he was handed over to animal control for rehoming.


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This Little Piggy Went Wee Wee Wee

Want to know why this Michigan pig can’t wipe that big old smile off his face?

pig patrol


Hmm, probably because he did the all mightiest crap in the back seat of the Shelby Police Department’s cop car after he was caught wandering the streets. Pity the fool who has to clean up that mess.

pig patrol poop


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South Yorkshire Police Lost An i

Oh dear, when the South Yorkshire police came into possession of their new police car it was missing something. Seems someone didn’t know how to spell police. Awks.



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Too Easy

bartenderSome words of advice to the drunk Pittsburgh woman. Don’t be attempting to steal a cop car if the cops are still in it. Seems she was a little too drunk to notice when she slipped into the empty drivers seat. Awks.


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Couple Steal Cop Car For A Quickie

Oh for the love of sex, stealing a police car for a quickie is going to get you a grand theft auto charge. Alexander Pratt and Clara Pearson were at a Florida convenience store when they noticed a Honda Civic left running by plainclothes detectives, so they hopped in and took off hoping to have sex in it. Unfortunately the randy pair were pulled over a short time later. Hmm, how frustrating!!!

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Chattanooga Chew Chew

Winston the bulldog had a few issues with a Chattanooga patrol car. Winston 1, car 0.

Update: The judge has ordered that Winston take obedience classes for being such a bad boy.


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Boys In Blue!

That's why we are called boys in blue!

A blogger believed to be a Swedish cop (known as Uncle Blue) is being probed after he boasted about rubbing his penis against a female colleague’s cruiser. The prank known as “ollning” (bell-ending) was performed by the blogger and another cop, who rubbed the tip of their penises on door handles, the gear stick, steering wheel and even the police radio of a female officer’s car. While she was on shift the pair then rang her to tell her what they had done. Gross. Other posts included him writing about shaking hands with a dead man who had hanged himself and letting a mentally unstable woman go free because “being horny isn’t dangerous.” Needless to say there is now a internal investigation into the blogger and his identity.


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Friggin Bozo!

Drunk clown crashes into police carMy worse friggin nightmare, a drunk clown driving erratically in Vancouver. The man dressed in a clown costume, who was driving on the wrong side of the road, eventually came to a grinding halt after crashing head on into a police car. See, I keep telling you, clowns are so not funny!


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Pit Bull Has Tire Fetish



OK, here’s the thing people, if your pit bull can bite through 4 tires on a police car you might want to consider putting him on a leash…NOW!  Deputy Lynn Lavallis was responding to a call by Gloria Bass, who had told the dispatcher her daughter was being chased by a dog. When the deputy arrived she proceeded to speak to Ms Bass, totally oblivious to the fact a pit bull was now chomping on the patrol car’s tires. When Lavallis returned to the car, all four tires were flat.  Hmm and surprise, surprise, the culprit was not the dog chasing the girl but Ms Bass’s OWN dog. Guess who’s getting a nice little bill for replacement costs!

Psst Do you think anyone is going to believe that police report?


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