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Now That Takes Balls

Man arrested for squeezing a policeman's testiclesOK, taking a cop’s gun maybe one thing but squeezing his testicles, now come on, that’s like an arresting right there. The dude is facing a string of charges and is currently on a $100,000 bond. Moral of the story is don’t play with an officer’s balls.

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Need a Cushion Honey?

A police officer in Pennsylvania accidentally shot his wife in the bum while showing his gun to friends and family.


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Step Away From The Bieber Doll

A police officer who was arrested for beating his girlfriend in Denver claims she attacked him with a Justin Bieber doll. How old are these people, 8?

Psst Does the story warrant such a long article I ask myself? Sauce.


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Stop! Or I’ll …..

It's all just a horrible misunderstanding!

Hmm, since when has a “clear, rigid feminine pleasure device” (dildo) been considered a weapon? When Carolee Bildsten (57) allegedly used it as self defense against a cop. Oh boy. The story is a tad long winded so here’s my diluted version…Bildsten goes to Joe’s Crab Shack for a meal and  a couple of drinks, she’s a tad pissed and has forgotten her purse.She tells the bartender she’ll toddled home to get some cash (psst she has a broken foot). Gives up on a taxi and walks. Police eventually find her lying in the grass (she tripped, OK!!). They take her home, she goes to her sock draw to get her money and one of the officers startles her. That’s when she reached for her dildo in self defense (can’t trust those Gurnee police officers!). That’s an arrest right there. Bildsten is  an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and is working hard at improving her life. You go girl!

Want sauce with that?


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No Penis Enlargements For Papua Police

OK recruits, drop them!

Well alrighty then, men who have had their penis enlarged need not apply for a job as a police officer in Indonesia’s Papua, OK? Seems the Papua police chief Bekto Suprapto ain’t signing up no big dicks because for starters it hinders their training. Evidently some of the Papuan tribesmen have a do-it-yourself method for getting themselves well endowed. OK, OK Bearman, I know you are dying to know how, so here goes… they wrap their penis in leaves from the “gatal-gatal” (itchy) tree so it swells to an enormous size and viola (one red, itchy as hell, swollen dick!). Hmm, I can now see how it hinders their training!


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Police Fail

Hmm, let me check my diary!

No wonder you have to have a stiff upper lip in Britain. When Shopkeeper Graham Taylor spied two thieves stealing a bottle of whisky and a Baileys from his store in Yorkshire he gave chase. As luck would have it, as they disappeared into a cemetery, Mr Taylor spotted a police officer sitting in a patrol car. He ran up to him and asked for help but was surprised when the policeman told him “You had better call the police.” So when Mr Taylor rang the police they failed to show because they were too busy celebrating a colleagues retirement party. How did he know this? He went to the police station and found cars covered with balloons and heard shouting and cheering coming from inside the building. Let anarchy prevail!


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A Small Price To Pay

any specific color?

Well I’ll be, when Officer Don Strong pulled over a woman who was driving with an unrestrained child in her vehicle, guess what he did? No silly, he didn’t fine her, instead he took them to a Iowa City Walmart and bought a car seat for the little nipper. Reason? The woman, who was driving 80km to Knoxville, had no way of securing the little boy safely for the journey. Officer Strong said the $60 was “a small price to pay for the child’s safety.” Take a bow officer Strong.


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Lactose Intolerant

Step away from your breasts!

OMG, a woman who was arrested and thrown in jail because she was drunk in public  allegedly assaulted a police officer by squirting breast milk at her. Hmm, evidently as she was changing into one of those inmate uniforms she decided to squirt a bit of her  breast milk right into the face of a female deputy. Nice one, might want to add assaulting an officer onto your resume!


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Cops Can Get Tasered Too!

You know what I hate? When you drive 2 times over the legal limit from McDonalds, go through a stop sign and then fall asleep in the middle of a intersection and then get tasered by your fellow police officers. I really hate that. Seth Castillo an off duty police officer was found slumped behind the wheel of his Jeep Cherokee after spending a night drinking. When fellow cops tried to wake the snoring Castillo he became hostile and aggressive so they really had no choice but to taser him. Hmm, that’s what 24 beers mixed with ritalin will do.


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My badge is like a shield of steel

A Las Vegas police officer must be counting his lucky stars after his badge saved him from a speeding bullet. The officer was investigating a shooting when he was hit in the metal badge. The gunmen, who wasn’t wearing a badge, got the full brunt of the policeman’s return fire. The suspect fled the scene.


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