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Get Off The Grass!

Who, us? What did we do?

Oh awkward. Bradford police have apologized to mom, Pam Hardcastle, after they raided her house looking for a marijuana factory but instead found a heater keeping two pet guinea pigs warm. Seems a police surveillance chopper picked up elevated heat levels during a fly over and thought they had uncovered a hardcore cannabis heating system . Hmm, I would’ve loved to have seen the cop’s faces when they discovered Simon and Kenny all snuggled up in their pen eating GRASS. Might want to dispose of that search warrant boys!


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Geez Mom, Thanks!

Not the dress!

Oh dear, mother of eight Leanne Walker was planning to use profits from her drug empire to pay for her daughter’s wedding, but them damn pesky police spoiled everything. Yep, the police swooped on the ecstasy and amphetamines syndicate seizing not only drugs and money but also the wedding dress. Oh and it was a family affair, with some of her children and their boyfriends helping out in the “business”. Walker was hoping to get a suspended sentence, as three of her kids were pregnant and she wanted to be present at the births, but no such luck she got 4 years (which is really two in Aussie justice).


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Don’t Spread That On Your Toast

Hey honey, this jam tastes strange!

Hey honey, this jam tastes strange!

I must hand it to the British , the last place I would look for a deadly poison would be in a jam jar. Well done boys.A father and son team have been detained in northern England under the terrorism act after a raid unearthed the nasty poison ricin in a jar. Damn those castor beans. Ian Davidson and his son Nicky are believed to be white supremacist extremists and the deadly poison is alleged linked to a supremacist plot.


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