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Another Fine Mess

LaughYou gotta love Austrian ingenuity. When a police officer pulled over on the State highway to monitor traffic he set off a booby trap that covered him in manure. The officer tripped a fishing line attached to the bucket of poop that set off explosives that kaboomed him. The intended target was believed to be traffic cops who frequent the spot.  Shit happens.

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Pepper Spraying Policeman

OK, here’s the thing Lieutenant John Pike of the NYPD, if you are going to pepper spray unarmed protestors sitting on the ground in front of a crowd holding cell phones and cameras don’t let Anonymous find out. They have not only published your name but your home address, phone numbers, skype address and email address all over the Internet and have asked the “citizens of the world” to flood them all. Oh boy, regrets, he had a few….

Of course the Loon has joined in the meme …

Royal pepper spraying



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Cop Caught Having Sex On Hood Of Car

Awkward. A New Mexico State Policeman had no idea that a surveillance camera was filming him having sex on the hood of a car with a woman while still in his uniform.The officer believed to be Bert Lopez was named “Officer of the Year” in 2010 for “going above and beyond the call of duty.” Hmm, you can say that again!

Psst No word on who owned the chihuahua!

UPDATE:  The dude’s been fired. So now, he’s been totally screwed! What about all this “going above and beyond the call of duty.” ? Mixed messages, me thinks.


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Just Tear Gas The Rivals

One should never take a Houston Rodeo BBQ seriously or they might find themselves at the end of the unemployment line. Just ask Mike Hamby , he’s lost his job as a cop for allegedly throwing a “powerful chemical irritant” into the tent of cook off rivals, some of which were amputees in wheelchairs. Well at least now he’s got time to master his cooking!


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You Thought You Could Get Away With That?

Ewh, this was never going to end well. A New Jersey cook,  Ryan Burke, was working in a restaurant in Evesham Township when two cops  walked in. He instantly recognized one of the officers as the cop who had charged him for a 2009 traffic violation. So as revenge he pubed his sandwich. Yes, that’s right, he grabbed a clump of chest hair, then a clump of pubic hair and added it to the sandwich. That’s a 15 day jail sentence and 2 years probation right there! Hmm, you know, somehow I think no matter what the sentence, Ryan Burke, will always have the satisfaction of knowing the cop swallowed his pubes!

Psst Yes, the policeman did eat part of the sandwich before noticing the hairs.


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Cop That!

A little wet behind the ears!

OK, here’s the thing Mr Cop, when responding to a noise complaint don’t be stripping down naked and jumping into the pool of the offending homeowners, it’s just not cool! The police officer, who hasn’t been named, was responding to a noise complaint when he walked through the gate, across the patio, took off all his clothes and jumped into the pool with three rather shocked women. The officer only got out of the pool when he heard on his radio that another cop was on his way (after hubby rang 911).  Needless to say the police officer is currently on paid leave while an investigation is underway.


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Insurance Scam Fail

OK, here’s the thing people, if you are going to set up an insurance scam, don’t be assuming the “brown” policeman can’t speak 7 friggin languages. When constable Charanjit Meharu arrived at a suspected home burglary in Calgary the alleged victim was hysterical, claiming she had lost everything. Hmm, then her father rang. She told her father over the phone (in French) that she and her boyfriend had set up the robbery so they could claim the insurance. This while Constable Meharu took notes. When she finally hung up he told her ‘Merci beaucoup.’

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