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The Great Toilet Paper Theft Of Germany

A German politician has been left red faced after he was caught knicking rolls of toilet paper from the Mens in the town hall. Janitors set up a sting operation after more than 200 rolls vanished and  Frank-Michael John walked straight into the trap. John, a member of the far left Die Linke party, was caught with a roll in his hand and one in his backpack. Hmm, hello, it just goes to prove politicians are full of sh*t.

Psst Who has a friggin sting operation over toilet paper?


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I Could Have Sworn I Saw Your Wife….

Oh boy, imagine after 10 years of marriage discovering your wife is a prostitute? Sheez! Poor Mike Weatherley, a Conservative Party politician, who campaigned with British Prime Minister David Cameron, had no idea his Brazilian wife Carla had been working in massage parlors in England under the names Adriana, Bianca and Bea. Hello, £70-an-hour is nothing to sneeze at! Oh well, now he does.Hmm, I suppose there’s worse things to be, like  a politician.

Psst Mike and his wife have been separated since February.

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