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Male MP’s Told To Get Circumcised

Not a good time to be a Zimbabwe politician. Seems all the men in parliament and on councils have been asked to undergo circumcision as part of a campaign to prevent the spread of HIV. Oooh ouch. Someone has been telling them it will reduce the spread of  AIDS and they should lead by example and have their foreskin chopped off. Hmm, maybe they just shouldn’t have unprotected sex?


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Tax Free Witches

I'll get you my pretty and your dog too!!!

Well, well, well, those a scaredy cat then? Fortune tellers and witches in Romania can breathe  sigh of relief after politicians failed to pass a law forcing them to have to pay taxes. Seems the senators were scared shitless they would be cursed if they forced them to produce receipts, let alone make them accountable if their predictions proved crap.

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Well No Shit Sherlock!

You're all nuts!

You're all nuts!

A survey done by Angus Reid Strategies of San Francisco found people in the US, UK and Canada don’t have much respect for car salesmen and politicians. Well I could have friggin told you that! Wanna know who ranked highest? Nurses, farmers and vets. Also thumbs up to architects, judges and dentists. That should make for interesting conversation at your next dinner party!


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