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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Cows Pooping

The hills are alive with the sound of angry farmers. So you want cows to stop pooping on steep hills in Bavaria?  Hey honey, can you whip up a pair of enormous diapers for Doris? A German farmer who was a little pissed that the European Union want to ban cows from pooping on hillsides (something about nitrates in the dung affecting ground water) protested by putting an enormous nappy on his cow, Doris.

cow diaper


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Return of the Serial Pooper

He’s Back! Yep, the Houston serial pooper has been spotted again. The man , who had been terrorising the town earlier this year by leaving nasty little deposits, has seen walking the streets clutching a handful of toilet paper.


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Jogger Keeps Pooping On Her Morning Runs

When a New Mexico woman goes on her morning run part  of her ritual is to poop next to some poor guys house. Hell yes, he has the video to prove it. Hmm, that’s some nasty skidmarks right there. The man, who set up the security camera,  is not only mortified that she drops her daks near his house but that she doesn’t bother to wipe her butt either. He called her a “bad human”. So far no one has been able to identify the culprit.


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Nothing Worse Than a Hippo With Diarrhea

Never, ever stand behind a hippo with the runs. AND yes that is him farting too!!! Oh for goodness sakes someone get him a mop!


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