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So That Is How You Make Popcorn

Not sure I’d like the flavour.

Psst: Pity the dude who has to service the motorcycle.


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Patty’s Awesome Old Fashioned Popcorn

Some of you may not have heard I won a tin of Patty’s Old Fashioned Popcorn from a Bearman competition a few weeks back. Yay me. Anywho, it finally arrived, which is remarkable considering Bearman used friggin popcorn to pack it. Hello, Australian Customs have a serious uber food restriction policy. Sheez Bearman, I could have ended up on Border Security!!!  Luckily I realized it was popcorn packing before I began scoffing it . But the bonus is I have kept it to regift to Susi Spice (shhhh just don’t tell her). I can’t believe how enormous American popcorn is, talk about supersized. I chose a mixture of Patty’s cheese and caramel popcorn which was simply mouthwatering. Thank you Bearman for such a marvelous taste treat. It is nearly worth getting on a plane and heading to friggin Ohio home of Bearman just to restock my popcorn.

Claudius smelled something was up

Claudius smelled something was up

WTF, this ain't kitty treats

WTF, this kitty litter is weird

Patty's Old Fashioned Popcorn arrives

It's a Bearman toon!!!

It’s a Bearman toon!!!


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End Credits

OK loons, casts your minds back to last year when a lawyer shot dead a man who was munching his popcorn too loudly during the screening of Black Swan in a Latvian cinema. Yeah, well, he got himself 17 years behind bars. Seems the jury didn’t buy Nikolajs Zikovs’ whole argument that he shot the unarmed man in front of his young daughter in self defense. Tough crowd!  It also didn’t help his case that the incident occurred as the final credits were rolling.


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The Movie Had It All, Action, Thriller, Drama, Suspence

You talking to me?

OK, here’s the thing movie goers in Latvia, never tell a loud popcorn munching man to shut the hell up while watching Black Swan, because that’s a shooting. The 27 year old graduate of the police academy, who holds a doctorate in law from the University of Latvia, waited until the end of the movie (considerate) before opening fire on the man who had complained about his eating habits.

Psst Yes, the man died.


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