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Bless me, Father, for I have…

Just heard Simon Cowell has moved to a new 30 mil abode near Pope Francis’s holiday digs. That could be quite the clash, one who believes in God and one who believes he is. At least it will be easier to get a private audience with the Pope, just jump the fence.

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Pope Blesses Parrot

Who's a pretty boy

Who’s a pretty boy

Pope Francis just keeps getting cooler. During his general Wednesday audience at the Vatican, the popular Pope not only blessed a former male stripper turned porn star  but his parrot too. Pope Francis told the awe struck actor it was ‘a beautiful gift from God.’. Oh loons, he was talking about the parrot for goodness sakes!!!!


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Pope Benedict Ain’t Going Nowhere

Pope Benedict has resignedOK, everybody probably knows by now that Pope Benedict has called it quits but I bet you didn’t know he ain’t gonna be moving out of the Vatican. Nope he’s staying put, which will make it somewhat awkward for the next Pope. Seems Benedict is gonna be resuming the role he played when John Paul was around, the invisible man behind the scenes pulling the strings. I pity the new Pope, it’s like living in the same house with an ex wife.

Psst Being a pope must be awesome, you can quit but still have all the perks.


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The Butler Did It

Holy mousetrap Batman. Guess who’s behind those Vatican leaks which revealed all the alleged corruption, mismanagement and internal conflicts. ? Seems Pope Benedict’s personal butler, Paolo Gabriele . Well, that’s awkward!

Want sauce with that?

UPDATE : The butler has been arrested, but the show will go on.


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Pope Not Happy About Vatileaks

Bless me Father for I have….

Holy criminal accusations Batman. The Vatican is all at Holy sea over a Vatileaks scandal that threatens to be a book. OK it’s already a book, and the Pope ain’t happy. Pope Benedict XVI has got his lawyers lined up, ready to sue as leaked documents about corruption and mismanagement within the Catholic church go public in the book His Holiness, by Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi. Evidently someone on the inside has been providing private letters and memos between Pope Benedict and his personal secretary to the author (and it ain’t Murdoch). Um ah!!!



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Catholics Claim Tintin

OMG, Tintin is a “Catholic Hero” . It’s true , even the Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano said so. OK, sure you might want to forget the racial controversy over the portrayal of “natives” in the Congo adventures but all in all it encapsulates the ideals of the church and of the scouts. Hey don’t shoot the messenger that’s what the Vatican is saying ‘Tintin is a hero of Catholicism, imbued with the ideal of the scouts,’. Seriously?

Want sauce with that?


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Dead Woman Walking

Phew, the heats finally off Mel. OMG, Susan Sarandon called Pope Benedict a Nazi, not just once, but twice during an interview. Usually that is a career killer right there but lets face it, her career has been dead for quite awhile now. It is pretty common knowledge that the Pope was a member of the Hitler Youth as a kid but hello, it was compulsory and anywho he didn’t actively participate.


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