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Useless Friggin Information

Ancient Egyptians use to cure toothaches by slicing open a live mouse and placing it over the patient’s gum. (No cure for the mouse!)

Pope Sixtus III was tried for raping a nun but was acquitted because there were no eye-witnesses (hmm, probably left alive).

Bloodhounds can not smell the difference between identical twins (neither can I).

We forget 80% of what we learn everyday (huh?)

Bulletproof vests, windshield wipers and fire escapes were all invented by women. (What were they doing out of the kitchen?)
Hmm, don’t believe me do you ? Stephanie Louise Kwolek (bulletproof vest), Mary Anderson (windshield wiper) and Anna Connelly (fire escape)

Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.

The first names of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were Henry and Edward. (Not so scary now!)

The little dot above the letter “i” is called a tipple. ( Handy to know)


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