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Rage Yoga

Downward $^%%* dog NOW!!!!

Downward $^%%* dog NOW!!!!

Yes, yes, yes….finally. A Canadian genius guru woman has come up with a unique idea…rage yoga. Yep, you can let it all out during the yoga session, screaming, yelling swearing, and then down a pint or two afterwards. See ya serious connoisseurs of the ancient art and hello Y Gen raging helicopter moms .


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How would you like Rudolph, medium or well done?

Rudolph roasting on an open fire ....

Rudolph roasting on an open fire ….

Holy Blitzen, Santa. It’s that time of the year when reindeer meat is the must have for the dinner table. Seems the Brits don’t have a problem chewing reindeer during the Christmas season. Of the 600 stores selling slabs of Ruldoph most have already sold out. Needless to say PETA are having a fit.


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Friggin Snuggie Blanket Takes UK By Storm

WTF, WTF, WTF. Say it aint so, the friggin snuggie blanket has arrived in the UK and Asda has sold tens of thousands of the neck breaking blanket “with sleeves” already! Hmm, well at least in the UK they have a competing product Slanket. It too looks ridiculous and is also flying off the shelves. Consumers are being warned not to go anywhere near a friggin fire in the thing…woof! Blahahhaa, wait till Health and Safety get wind of these!!!!

Psst Over 5 million have been sold in the US and friggin Bruce Willis wore his on Letterman. I swear the world has gone friggin mad!

One more time roll the video…..


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