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Happy New Year From Teddy The Porcupine


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Fine Line Between Feathers and Quills

Do I look like a procupine?

OK, here’s the thing Dale Leroy Satran, using the “I thought it was a porcupine” defense ain’t gonna cut it. Satran pleaded guilty to shooting and killing a bald eagle after a witness said he saw him shoot the bird as it took off from the ground. Mr Satran insisted he thought the eagle was a porcupine.


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Pit Bull 0, Porcupine 1

Did I win? Did I Win?

OMG, ouch, ouch ouch. Look what happened when this dog took on a porcupine…epic fail.  Poor thing had 1347 friggin quills removed from his face. So if you happen across a naked porcupine with a big friggin smile on it’s face you know why!


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Stickers “The Leaping Attack” Porcupine

Thanks to Stickers the Porcupine the Telluride Ski Resort in Colorado have been forced to place porcupine warning signs all over the place which reads “Caution: leaping attack porcupine”. You see Stickers is nearsighted and often confuses food with fingers. He also loves nothing better than to play amongst the skiers occasionally hugging their legs to show he cares!

Psst Warning the clip is amateur footage, so don’t feel obliged to listen to the lame commentary.


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