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You Say Squid, I Say Octopus

It'a a squid? No, it's an octopus? No, it's a squid...

I for one had no idea it was illegal to have a photograph of a man having sex with a squid! But anywho, Andrew Dymond had one and he’s been arrested for “an extreme pornographic image which portrayed in an explicit and realistic way a person performing an act of intercourse with a dead animal, namely a squid, which was grossly offensive, disgusting or of obscene character.” Oh yeah, that’s gonna look dandy on his resume! Oh but wait, there’s more, the prosecutors had to amend the charge because hmm, it could have been and octopus and not a squid in the photo. Would hate to get it wrong boys! Along with the squid/octopus pic Dymond has been charged with being in possession of other bestiality snaps!

Psst Thank god the creature wasn’t alive or friggin PETA would be on his back too!

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Damn Friggin Traditions!

Okie dokie, here’s the thing affectionate father, taking photos of you kissing your 9 month old son on the head, ear and forehead is OK, but also taking photos of you kissing his buttocks and genitals, well that’s gonna get you in trouble. Sergio Diaz-Palomino, who was dobbed into police by a photo-processing employee, claimed the snaps  were simply the way their traditional family photos are taken and were in no way pornographic.Fortunately for Diaz-Palomino the sexual abuse charges were dropped, unfortunately he and his partner will now be deported because they are both illegal immigrants from Mexico. When it rains, it pours.


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