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Thanksgiving Revenge

Survivors of the Thanksgiving massacre are taking revenge out on a Massachusetts postal worker “every day”. The rafter of five attack the postie each day as he delivers mail. Thank goodness he carries a turkey stick to keep them at a distance. No one puts our family on a plate and gets away with it.



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Too Lazy To Go Postal

Ah , F*** it

Ah , F*** it

If you live in New York and have only randomly received your mail in the last few years I may know why. It  seems a postal worker has been hoarding them. Authorities found 40,000 undelivered mail items in his apartment, some dating back to 2005. The 67 year old is blaming depression and alcohol for his poor work ethics. It took 5 postal workers, five hours to remove all the mail. No word on whether he had opened any. Sheez, that would have kept me entertained for years.

Psst  OK, I had to do the sums … 40,000 over say 8 years, lets go with about 5000 undelivered pieces of mail a year. Divide that by 52 weeks = 97 undelivered a week, which is about 19 a day (working on a 5 day week).  If we take out days off,  including holidays and sick leave …. that was one lazy bastard.

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Gone Postal

Could there  be anything worse than an ex postal worker with a samurai sword? Sheez, I don’t know,  might want to ask the poor deli clerk who was confronted by the angry katan-style samurai sword wielding Michael Burr. The deli clerk was just minding his own beeswax when the former postal worker came in and began swinging the sword around.  Burr eventually fled the scene and ran back home where a five hour standoff with the Washington SWAT team ensued. The drama ended when a canister of tear gas was shot through his window. Burr had recently been suspended from his US postal Service job.


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The Postman Never Rings

These don't look important!

To resident of Bustleton, we know know why the United States Postal Service complaints section in Philadelphia has been so busy for the last decade. They have just uncovered 20,000 pieces of undelivered mail at a Philadelphia postal carrier’s garage. Whoopsie, he must have been a lazy bugger because it took three mail truck to move the stack. Hmm, some of the mail dates back to 1997.Officials are still trying to locate the postal worker but in the meantime they are attempting to deliver all the overdue letters.


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Like A Virgin

Hello, is this the sex line?

French postal worker Phillippe Cousin has been sentenced to 18 years prison for decapitating his wife Nicole. The Problem it seems was they were married for 21 years but his wife was still a virgin. She refused point blankly to have sex with him because she feared passing on multiple sclerosis to her children (if she had any) because her father suffered from it. Mr Cousin for his part stayed loyal but downright frustrated. Lawyers believe his actions were a direct result of a “midlife crisis”. During a fight with his wife, she threatened to leave him so he grabbed a kitchen knife and hacked off her head.

Psst Note his sentence was less than his marriage.


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And That’s Why They Invented Email!

Lets face it, being a postman is crap job,its monotonous, stressful and friggin time consuming. Step up to the homeplate one young Scotsman and hit one for the overworked postal worker. A wee Scottish lad, living in Germany, decided that juggling a full time job and night school was just too damn hard. So, rather than give up a good paying postal job, he kept it. Unfortunately he was too busy to actually deliver anything, instead opting to pile all the letters, brochures and packages up in his apartment.All 20,000 of them. They were stashed in his cupboards, under his mattress, in his wardrobes and just about anywhere he could shove them. Some were even addressed to himself. But like a good postal worker he never opened any. The dude’s a friggin legend, how did he manage to do this for a year ? I bet the complaints department are all on stress leave.

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