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Cat 1, Postie 0

Meanwhile in the UK a Bristol postie is threatening to stop delivering mail to an address because the cat Bella snatches the mail from his hands…that is a “potential hazard” right there. The owners have created a makeshift post box outside their house so the postie’s fingers are no longer at risk. Did someone say Nanny State?


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So That’s Why A Postman Always Rings Twice

You know what I hate? When your postie poops in your yard. I really friggin hate that! A Portland homeowner was so horrified at what he was witnessing from his living room window he grabbed his camera. Don Derfler saw the postman pull down his pants and shit in his garden. That’s one nasty delivery. Postie has been suspended pending an investigation.

Psst Are you all thinking what I am?  How did he wipe his ass?


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What’s New Pussycat?

Oh for the love of god , a German postie has married his friggin cat. Cecillia, a 15 year old  obese, asthmatic feline wore white as Uwe Mitzscherlich said his I dos and she just meowed. “We cuddle all the time, and she has always slept in my bed” said the happy groom. OK, the marriage isn’t totally legit, as it’s illegal to marry an animal in Germany, but the couple plan to live happily ever after.

Psst I hope she has a pre-nup!


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Special Delivery

It's our new policy!

Imagine the surprise when a woman from Iowa came home to discover a drunk postal carrier (aka postman) rolling around on her kitchen floor chowing down on a bowl of  leftover noodles he had found in her fridge. Now that is service! No word on how long those noodles had been in the fridge!

Psst Hope she returned to sender!


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