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Toking Token

The homeless in Denver were living the high life (pun intended) for Christmas after a nonprofit organisation handed out free marijuana cigs to them . Ho, ho, ho. Evidently thousands of rolled joints were given to the homeless to raise awareness of homelessness in the city. Hmm, yep that will do it. The Cannabis Can group are hoping to raise enough money to buy RVs ,that are decked out with loos and showers , for people living on the streets to use.

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Chainsawing Pothead

naked-manAussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi. An Aussie guy cranked up a stolen chainsaw and whacked a flower pot on his head before robbing a 7-Eleven store in Queensland. Unfortunately the buzzing saw wasn’t enough to convince the store employees to hand over money so the dude mooned them and cut up a few display racks before fleeing with a bottle of soda. The police later found him walking down the street.


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Penchant for Pot NOT a Disability

court says penchant for pot not a disabilityOh for crying out loud mister, you can not, and I repeat can not, use the excuse that your penchant for pot is a disability as a reason to be reinstated after you got fired from your Ottawa City job for buying marijuana while in your work car . The dude took Ottawa City to court claiming they were “obliged to accommodate him under the Ontario Human Rights Code because his penchant for pot qualified as a disability.” The court basically said yeah, NO. Hmm, his resume is going to suck now.

Psst The doctor assigned to assessed the guy said his claims of having a disability were based on “self-diagnoses”.


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Hey Mom, Where Are My Brownies?

Woohoo, we must get the recipe!!!

OK loons, here’s the moral of the story…. do not and I repeat, do not take frozen brownies, that your son made, from your freezer and take them to work for the staff. Oh, unless of course you all want to be taken to hospital for being suspectedly high as kites. Three Canadian office workers who started feeling light headed and disorientated after munching on the sweet treat were taken to hospital only to discover the brownies were jam packed with dope.


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Basil is The Domestic Battery Herb of Choice

Oh for crying out loud throwing a potted basil plant at your hubby during a fight over his cooking is a domestic battery charge, lady! When Andrea Antoine-Pierre waltzed through the door of her Forida home it seemed like the perfect picture of wedded bliss. There was her husband in the kitchen making dinner. Hmm, but then something went terribly wrong. When Andrea asked what meat he was using all hell broke loose. Seems they had differing opinions about what type of meat should be used for the dish. At some stage hubby walked about from the screaming Andrea and that’s when the basil plant came flying through the air and smashed into his left shoulder. I’m assuming the dinner was spoiled because she was carted away by police.

Psst Still no word on what he was making or what meat he was using!


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Mother’s Day Fail

Charmean Allen isn’t going to forget Mother’s Day in a hurry after his girlfriend whacked him over the head with a cooking pot because he didn’t get her a pressie. Aretavia Kimbrough, armed with 8 month old son in one arm and a pot in the other, woke Allen demanding him to tell her what he got her. When he said he was going to buy her candy and take her out to dinner, kaboom, pot to the head. When police rolled up Kimbrough told them “I’ve been with him for seven years, and he never bought me nothing!”


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Paris Hilton Pot Drama

OMG, Silly billy Paris Hilton got more than she bargained for at the World Cup last night in South Africa. Yes, as Netherlands knocked out favorites Brazil 2-1, poor Paris and her friend got arrested for being in possession of a marijuana joint. No worries though, she got off and her friend paid a fine and all was good once more in socialite land. I’m guessing there is a new school going up as we speak!

Psst Has no one told her, the USA are out already?


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Heiress Has No Pot Luck

Oh for crying out loud, what the hell does a heiress to the Samsung Electronics fortune want to be doing messing with drugs? Lisette Lee (28) was busted with almost 230kg (506lbs) of marijuana in her luggage after a private jet she was on landed in Ohio. That will teach her for carrying 13 bags. Dog’s balls people, dog’s balls!!!  Police also found drug ledgers showing large transactions, cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Drug Enforcement Administration were tipped off about Ms Lee, thanks in part to the amount of luggage she was carrying. It required three cars to transport the bags and two men to lift the friggin things because they were chock-a-block full with bricks of pot. If she is found guilty that’s a max of 40 years. Hmm, I’m guessing when those high powered lawyers don on their thinking caps, she’ll get off.

Psst Wanna hear the excuse? She told authorities a friend paid her $60,000 to take the suitcases from LA to Columbus. She had no idea…..ah never mind, you can fill in the rest!


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