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Promotion Fail

OMG, David Winkelman has been arrested. You know him right? No? Come on people, he was the dude who got his forehead tattooed with a  FM station’s call letters and logo… “93 Rock” and “Quad City Rocker”… after one of the disc jockeys offered listeners a 6 figure sum. You can pretty much guess the rest, when he waltzed up to the station with the tattoo on his forehead they told him there was no friggin money, it was all a practical joke. Now that’s funny! For some reason Winkelman dismissed his lawsuit and has never bothered to have the tatt removed. As for the radio station they have long since changed their name to KQCS, Star 93.5. Oh yeah, anywho, he was arrested for some minor offense.

Psst Thanks Smoking Gun for dragging his humiliating past back up.


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The Stupid Cup

France’s answer to the World Cup. Watch what happens when Rémi Gaillard rents a crowd of French football hooligans and disrupts a local football match. The streaker is priceless….

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It Was Never Going To End Well

No Michael Johnson, no, you never ever use super glue as a practical joke. Johnson (19) and his mates were on a camping trip when he decided to pour a tube of super glue onto one of his friends cheeks while he was sleeping. Johnson thought the guy would touch it and his hand would stick to his face. Genius!  Hmm, only prob was the glue rolled down the victims cheek, into one of his eyes and ear. Yep, as you can imagine when the victim woke his eye was sealed shut and he couldn’t hear. Of course Johnson has been charged and the victim is still seeking medical treatment because the glue drained into his inner ear. And so ends their New York camping trip.


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Right Off Track

One way to ruin your day!

One way to ruin your day!

A Swedish train driver was choo choo chooing along when he suddenly saw a bloodied body lying across the tracks and slammed on the emergency brakes.Urgh, too late…. squelch…the train ran straight over the body. The distraught driver immediately rang emergency services fearing the worse.There goes that promotion. After a search by police and emergency services, they informed the driver that he had killed a friggin doll in blue overalls which was stuffed with polystyrene and covered in ketchup. Anger, relief, anger, relief…..

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