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What was He Thinking?

Seriously Mr Pilot, when an engine blows on your plane with over 350 people on board PLEASE don’t ask the passengers to pray. The AirAsia flight was about 90 minutes into its flight from Perth to Malaysia when kaboom…the left engine blew up. The plane began vibrating like a washing machine and passengers began fearing the worse. That’s when the pilot came over the intercom announcing they were turning back for an emergency landing . He ended his announcement with ‘I hope you all say a prayer, I will be saying a prayer too and let’s hope we all get back home safely’. Evidently that is when people started reaching for their life jackets fearing the plane would plunge into the ocean at any moment. I would have been been emptying that drinks trolley and rocking in the crash fetal position

PSST The airline is claiming the incident was nothing more than a “technical ” issue.

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Thanks A Friggin Lot NASA

NASA says to pray if a large asteroid heads to earth  OK loons, you might want to scratch NASA and Bruce Willis off your contact list. They ain’t gonna save you if an asteroid comes a calling. In fact, the advice from NASA’s chief is ….. pray. Yep, he says, no can do to saving our sorry asses if an asteroid comes hurtling towards us. Evidently, NASA have found 95% of  all asteroids that are big enough to wipe out civilization but they say none pose an immediate threat. No word on the 5% by any chance? And anywho, the big ones aren’t what we should be worried about, the fact that NASA didn’t see the Russian asteroid coming makes me more way more nervous and makes me question what the hell they do all day? Hmm, now where did I put my hard hat?



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Holy Crap

Forgive me father....

A group of Franciscan monks are so pissed off over the theft of their bibles from a church in Florence they are collectively praying for the culprit to be struck down with a bad case of diarrhoea. Yep, you heard me, they want him/her to get the shits big time. They even went so far as to pin a note up for all the congregation to see which reads, if the thief doesn’t see the errors of their ways “We pray to God that the thief is struck by a strong bout of the shits.” The bibles were stolen from the 15th century church of San Salvatore al Monte and are rare and expensive.


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This Is Your Captain Speaking

Iranian pilot tells passengers to pray

Prayer mats are under your seats!

WTF pray, are you kidding me? A pilot on an Iranian airline asked passengers to pray after the plane experienced a technical fault. Oh crap, considering their air safety record who’d blame him! Those friggin international sanctions are a bitch, how’s an airline to get a decent plane or friggin spare parts when you got that black mark on your name. Gosh! But all’s well that ends well, despite the passengers packing their daks, the plane landed safely, well in enough pieces not to raise concerns.


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