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Lost For Ideas This Christmas?

Hmm, so why not get someone you love a chocolate baby head this Yuletide,  compliments of Conjurer’s Kitchen …yummy. I wouldn’t pick the nose but I could be tempted to have an eye?

chocolate baby heads


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For The Cat Who Has Everything

Can’t wait to whack my inflatable unicorn horn on my kitty.

Yes, I know, I know, you all want one. Well, get your credit card at the ready Amazon are selling them for $9.95. Click here and be sure to read all the reviews from happy customers.


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What Do You Get A Woman Who Has Everything?

What do you give an ex wife, who has everything, for her birthday. A big fat 20 tonne rock that’s what. No, no, no, not a ring, I said rock, as in BOULDER! The mayor of Saint-Théodore-d’Acton in Montreal, Dany Larivière, had the massive rock delivered to her front lawn with a big pink bow on top and “Happy Birthday Isa xx” spray painted on it. When quizzed by police he told them it was a gift “It’s hers now. That’s the biggest rock she’ll ever get in her life.” Hmm, yeah , there is no way he’s gonna be moving  it!

Psst Want to see it?


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Kid Uses Counterfeit Bill To Buy Mother’s Day Present

Hello, I need a lawyer!

I don’t know what’s worse, a seven year old using a fake dollar note to buy his mom a Mother’s Day present or telling officials it was his mom who gave him the counterfeit money in the first place! Geez, what a bitch! The boy had tried to use the dollar bill at his school but as it was glued together and cut unevenly on the both ends it was pretty much a bust right then and there. Hmm, a curious Loon wants to know what the hell he was buying her for $1?


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Don’t Know What To Get The Missus For Christmas?

That bastard better have got me something good this year!

Stuck for something to get the wife for Christmas? Well a London law firm has come up with the ideal present, a divorce gift voucher. Falalalala lalalaking brilliant. The £125 plus VAT voucher offers a half hour or hour long advice session with a lawyer and guess what? They have already sold 54 in under a month.

Psst You might want to think about giving it to her after Christmas dinner, just in case she grabs a 9 iron!


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