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Obama Plans Some Bushwhacking

Obama about to repeal George Bush's executive orders

Hello, President of the USA, where is the friggin clipart?

Oh dear, the meeting between President George W Bush and President-elect Barack Obama should be a downright hoot.Hmm, seems Obama is about to do some bushwhacking on George’s administration policies.Goodbye executive orders. First on the agenda is changing the policy funding for stem cell research and a rethink of Utah land deals for gas and oil drilling. That should rattle Bush’s belt buckle! And wait, there is more shock and awe. It is rumored some 200 of President Bush’s executive orders will be considered for repeal by Obama’s Democratic team. To add even extra salt to the meeting, soon to be White House Chief of Staff, Mr Podesta said “You see the Bush administration even today moving aggressively to do things I think are not in the interest of the country,” (ouch). White House officials are denying they are desperately rushing through their plans before January. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on that wall? I wonder who will be passing the hand sanitizer to whom this time?
Poor old President Bush just keeps on getting kicked when he is well and truly down. I bet he wishes it would all just go away. It started with such great promise and then just slid into wars, hurricanes and one hell of an economic nightmare. As for Obama, how much security has he got?

Oh and here is something totally irrelevant to add, how hard is it to find clip art images of black presidents of the USA ? I’m just saying! Oh well thank goodness for paintbox.

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