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Cheetah Attacks President

Cheetah attacks president of Botswana


Botswana’s president got a nasty surprise while visiting an army barracks last week. He got too close to a cheetah at feeding time and it friggin bit/scratched him in the face. Oh, I have no idea what the cheetah was doing at the barracks either, so don’t ask.


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Obama Goes It Alone

How do you know when the US president has lost his teleprompter? Hmm, when you suddenly get an awful lot of one sentence speeches. I’m just saying! Obama has made his first official speech without TOTUS today….,yes he did. And what did he say unprompted? “It is great to be at Fire Station Number 9 with some of Virginia’s finest,” tada!

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Obama Lost For Words

OMG, Obama has lost his TOTUS and is believed to be inconsolable. Hello, he is rarely seen without it. The teleprompter was inside a truck that was stolen during his trip to Chesterfield. Also inside the truck were the Obama’s podiums, audio equipment and presidential seals but he doesn’t give a Honeybadger about that, he just wants his TOTUS back. Come on, give the President back his TOTUS!

Psst : Isn’t Mega currently in the US? Hmm????

2nd Psst There is even a friggin blog dedicated to Obama’s TOTUS!


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Put A Ring On It!

Just do it!

Iran’s pres, Imadinnerjacket, wants girls to marry at the age of 16. Seems this whole thing about waiting until they meet the right man is crap. He wants a population explosion and will give financial incentives to anyone willing to pop out a bub or 7. Sheez, not another friggin grey baby jumpsuit. Anywho, Imadinnerjacket believes the family planning program is “ungodly and a Western import” so teens, you just go for it. Hmm, while you’re at it you might want to scrap the whole Fatima doll thingy and bring back Barbie.

Psst Now all Imadinnerjacket  has to do is fix the 9% unemployment rate and he’s got himself a regime the western scumdogs can truly be scared of.


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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Surprise, surprise Imadinnerjacket thinks September 11 was a big fabrication that was used to justify the U.S. war on terrorism. Hello, this coming from the man who claims the Holocaust was a “myth” invented by the Allied powers to embarrass Germany. Not good at history huh?


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