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Aussie Knightmare

What the hell was he thinking? Bad enough the Prime Minister of Australia brought back knighthoods, criminal that he should bestow the first on Prince Philip (The dude that walks behind the Queen of England). Seriously, Abbott must be living in some sad little time warp where he is still prancing the corridors of Oxford University on his Rhodes Scholarship. What on earth would Prince Phil want with an Aussie knighthood? He can’t even get “King” on his stationary. I’m thinking “sir” might just be a massive cliff fall down from “prince” and at 90 something that is NOT what you want. Grow up Abbott, Australia already has.


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Good On Ya Prime Minister

thumbs up 3As you know, this loon  pretty much hates all politicians but I am going to have a small amnesty today to applaud our Prime Minister. On Saturday night he volunteered to help the NSWs rural fire brigade do a backburn near Bilpinwith. For those who don’t know, for the last few days NSW  has been under siege from over 100 bushfires.   So far over 200 homes have been lost and many more expected in the next few days. Yes, I know the cynics may say it is all a big publicity stunt but Tony Abbott has been a volunteer firefighter for over 13 years. Last week he cracked the shits when they refused to let him on the front line despite being trained as a specialist breathing apparatus operator, chainsaw operator and tanker driver..  He has been under a barrage of criticism for continuing to volunteer while being Prime Minister of Australia.  I say phooey. Good on him. I don’t think too many people would get up in the middle of the night to do this.


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Ding Dong

Alas poor Julia. I knew her,  Kevin. A woman of infinite jest.  And like every great Shakespearean tragedy the antagonist gets it in the back just when they least expect it. Exit stage left.

Psst For those of you unaware, our Prime Minister , Julia Gillard, got ousted by the same man she stabbed in the back to get into the top position 3 years ago.

Too soon to joke?

Too soon to joke?


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No Comment

Blahahahahaha, Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been running two blogs since March this year. So far she has managed to get one comment and 5 likes. In return, taxpayers are forking out  $53,000 for the cost of running the damn things. The Government describes the blogs as an “online conversation”.


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To All The Aussie Loons

I'll get you my Ruddy and your job too!

Ding Dong the witch is back. I for one am ordering another house….this time double brick!!!!

Psst Fairy Face, what happened? You were suppose to slap her right out of parliament!!!!!!!


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Is There Someone Else Lurking in the Background?

As the current Australian Prime Minister (AKA Julia Gillard)  and the ex Foreign Minister (Kevin Rudd)  go for each others throats,  fighting to be top dog, I can’t help but think that the so called “faceless men” are wringing their hands in glee. Is there a third Labor politician lurking in the background, who, as this leadership challenge ends in an absolute bloody mess, will raise his/her hand on Monday morning to take over as Australia’s Prime Minister and send both Rudd and Gillard  to the back benches? Don’t be surprised if Stephen Smith or Bill Shorten (AKA Australia’s Governor General’s son-in law) step up under the ruse they had to do it to “save the Party’s reputation”.

Psst This is turning into an embarrassing farce, if any one of them cared about the people of Australia or their party they would call a new election.

2nd Psst AND stop talking about how you rode Australia out of the Global Financial Crisis. You spent every dime in the coffers and borrowed our children’s future for us to, so call, “survive”.  Now we are paying in taxes. Hmm, let see, how many new taxes have you enforce during your time in power????

Roll up! Roll up!


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Crocodile Tears

Oh for crying out loud Gillard you aren’t fooling anyone. A few days ago the Prime Minister of Australia  admitted she lacked empathy, next thing you know she is springing tears in parliament for a 13 year old and a helicopter pilot who were both heroes of the  Queensland flood .  On and on it went, and judging by the people behind her, they weren’t buying it either…..

Psst If she felt so strongly, she should have been at the funeral supporting the family, not using his selfless sacrifice to earn herself brownie points and sympathy.


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Sweden Is Well Hung

Woohoo, Sweden now has a hung parliament too! How big was their hung parliament you may ask? Bigger than Australia’s, that’s for sure. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is 3 short of a majority after winning 172 seats in a 349 seat parliament.


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Russian Sleeper Spies Have Sing-along With Putin

When I was a spy....

Don’t get me wrong but shouldn’t Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin be a little less cheery about his get together with the 10 sleeper agents who were recently booted out of the United States. It kind of makes diplomatic relations with the US a little awkward don’t you think?  Sheez, if that was me I’d be bitch slapping them to kingdom come for their complete inability and failure in getting even an itsy bitsy of valuable info out of US in the ten friggin years they were “supposedly” on their mission.  Sheez, hows about that for a big friggin waste of time and money. Russia shouldn’t be proud, they should be hanging their head in shame.In the good old days that was a friggin one way ticket to Siberia.

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Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Introducing Australia’s first female Prime Minister ….


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