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Royal Wedding Countdown

Like the good loon I have been steering myself clear of writing about the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and the TV actress. BUT, in light of her daddy having the paparazzi follow him around Mexico to take the worst staged shots I have ever seen, I can’t help myself any longer. Are you really sure Harry?REALLY?  You have a few days to make a run for it. I’m not sure you really want to add this branch to your family tree. Daddy has now bailed, brother is persona non grata, her ex-besties haven’t got a nice word, her mum is hiding in the shadows and well, it all seems like a mess. To top it all off, the relis who haven’t been invited have hopped over the Atlantic to be guest commentators on various tv networks. Move over Geordie Shore, the Markles are in town.


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Naked Salutes For Harry

Israeli soldiers salute you Harry

Harry’s little exploit in Las Vegas not only got him a bucket full of woe from his granny but his girlfriend  dumped him. Now there is talk that Captain Harry Wales of the 3 Regiment Army Air Corps may be disciplined  by the army too. Dear god, is no one amused? Hmm, yes, about 30,000 of you. Facebook has now got a page encouraging people to go full monty in support of the best friggin prince EVER.  Go on support Harry with a naked salute right here.


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When Harry Met Strip Billards

Oh boy, granny won’t be happy. Seems Prince Harry’s been flaunting his Royal jewels around Las Vegas. Obviously what happens in Vegas stays on TMZ. For crying out loud Harry, you could have at least moved your hands a little so we could get a squiz!!!!

Psst Wanna see….click here to TMZ


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