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Aussie Knightmare

What the hell was he thinking? Bad enough the Prime Minister of Australia brought back knighthoods, criminal that he should bestow the first on Prince Philip (The dude that walks behind the Queen of England). Seriously, Abbott must be living in some sad little time warp where he is still prancing the corridors of Oxford University on his Rhodes Scholarship. What on earth would Prince Phil want with an Aussie knighthood? He can’t even get “King” on his stationary. I’m thinking “sir” might just be a massive cliff fall down from “prince” and at 90 something that is NOT what you want. Grow up Abbott, Australia already has.


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Name That Loon

When the Queen asked a blind IRA hero at a tree planting ceremony how much he could still see, guess who was quick to chirp in ‘Not a lot judging by that tie’ ? Hell yes, it was Prince Philip. Needless to say the queen was not amused.

Psst The tie was part of the Middlesex and North West London Army Cadet Force uniform. Awkward.


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You Are Just Going To Have To Buy Them Like Everyone Else!

Are these what your after?

Are these what your after?

Never mind old chap, try again next year. Prince Philip has so far failed to produce any friggin fungus on his Sandringham truffle orchard, despite having spent £5,000 on special truffle-impregnated trees.  Yes, the Duke of Edinburgh is dabbling in truffle farming, bless his heart.  So anywho, like a good dutiful royal, he will press on with his endeavour …hmm, because let’s face it, what else does he do?

Psst Ooh and lets not forget to spare a thought for the two specialist Italian hounds who have had nothing to do for 3 years except sniff each others…well you get my drift!

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