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Princess Eugenie Admits She Had A Hunchback

Thank god surgeons fixed Princess Eugenie’s hunchback before she wore that ridiculous outfit to Kate and Will’s wedding. I’m just saying! The 6th in line to the throne was diagnosed with scoliosis after she went for a massage originally intended for Fergie. What was initially meant to be a one hour op under general anesthetic to correct the problem ended up being 7 hours with surgeons having to insert eight-inch titanium rods into each side of her spine and one and a half inch screws at the top of her neck. Ewh, ouch!


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Princesses Lose Their Protection

Can anyone spare a cucumber sandwich?

Blahaahah a couple of bad fashion choices and BAM look what happens! Poor princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are about to have a massive culture shock, bye-bye around the clock security, hello real world. Yep, granny is stripping them of their £500k a year , full time, 24hr protection bodyguards due to cut costs and the fact no one friggin cares about them. Oh you poor friggin  fashion senseless loves!  Seems the Queen is fed up supporting her two laszy assed granddaughters and has no intention of letting them sponge off the Royal purse any more. Damn you, homely, cut-costing, trolley pushing, commoner Kate!  Oh and if you thought that was bad the Queen has made it very clear she wants the two girls to find their own jobs after uni rather than become sponging working members of the Royal Family. Sheez, better get your heads in those books girls rather than being photographed falling out of expensive London nightclubs in the wee small hours, Granny is on the warpath!

Psst Fergie must be pissed!


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Beatrice Becomes Kim Jong Il’s Fashionista

Egads, seriously princess! Despite missing out on an invite  Kim Jong Il took no time in copying Princess Beatrice’s  style. However he is claiming she stole it from his 1980’s Il Spring Collection!

Why you steal from me?


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