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They Never Learn

dunceHoney, sweetie, darl, just a little reminder. When picking up your girlfrind from prison please don’t use a stolen truck for heavens sakes. OK, well let this be a warning.

PSST Arizona


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Boogey Man

Not even I would stoop so low

Not even I would stoop so low

Oh for crying out loud, it’s bad enough being a peeping Tom but doing it from a septic tank is kinda like a new low. The guy was caught in a Oklahoma park outhouse staring up at a 7 year old and her mother from the septic as they did their business.No fear , the 52 year old has been sentenced  to a year in prison and unless he is Houdini he won’t be squeezing down no  toilet anytime soon.


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Another Ponzi Schemer Gets 110 Years

110. And you?

One less dirty, rotten scoundrel off the street as another Ponzi scheme mastermind gets 110 years in prison. See ya, R Allen Stanford, nice knowing you. The prosecutor said “From beginning to end, he treated all of his victims as roadkill.” Ouch! It is estimate that Mr Stanford swindled about $7 billion from his clients using fraudulent high-interest certificates of deposit at his Stanford International Bank in Antigua. Hmm, so 110 years, not even Manson got that!!!


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Real Men Crochet

See my blanket, it was crocheted by a serial killer.

A group of 15 inmates at Ohio maximum security prison are seriously in touch with their feminine side after having joined a “Real Men Crochet” program to make mittens and hats for charity groups including Crayons to Computers and homeless shelters. Oh, how sweet! One murderer said crocheting gave him a positive way to pass the time. Knit one, purl one. Oh yeah, Ohio…the home of Bearman.


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Midnight Excess

Hmm, I wonder if Dr Phil and Oprah will visit Fergie in a Turkish Jail? The Duchess of York is facing some serious  jail time (22 years) in a Turkish prison for secretly filming orphanages in their country. The footage was for a British doco entitled Duchess and Daughters: Their Secret Mission. Kinda says it all in the title really!!! Sheeez, Oprah must be spewing, had she not been so quick to axe Finding Sarah: From Royalty to the Real World she may have had a rating bonanza! Finally , a reality show I would watch.

Psst I hear the Royal family couldn’t be more delighted!

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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Oh my, Connecticut prison officials are pushing new laws to have masturbating inmates labelled sex offenders. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong? Seems its become quite a sport to whip it out and slap the monkey in front of prison guards and counselors, especially if they are women. If the legislation gets passed 5 years could be added to sentences of inmates found guilty. Officials say the behavior isn’t about sex but about power and demoralizing someone. Evidently last year there were 500 incidents at one prison alone.

Psst Hmm, so if it isn’t about sex, why do they want to label them “sex offenders” maybe it is better just to call them power, control freaking wankers ?

Want sauce with that?


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Will Harry Potter Actor Get Fan Mail in Prison?

Harry Potter fans, you might want to look away. Jamie Waylett who played Vincent Crabbe in the Potter movies has been given a two year sentence for participating in last year’s British riots. Not only was he caught looting, he had a Molotov cocktail in his possession. Bet he wished he had stolen Harry’s invisible cloak first!!!



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Teacher Gets 40 Years For Having Sex With Student

A teacher in the US has been given a 40 year prison sentence for having sex with her 14 year old student. Hmm, on the bright side Shannon Alicia Schmieder (39)  will be eligible for parole in 20 years. Evidently Ms Schmieder knew the child since he was born and was a close family friend. OK, “close” is probably an understatement. The mother of the boy made an impact statement to the court which kind of sealed her fate. “Words can’t begin to explain the heartache we’ve experienced this past year and the betrayal we’ve endured. Messages that were recovered showed me more and more evidence and it became a living nightmare. I couldn’t bear the thought of my boy trusting someone that had clearly manipulated him.”


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Thought of the Day

A question for the loons. If you break a mirror and use the glass to stab a man does that mean 7 years bad luck in prison? Hmm, Kim Parker of Buffalo wants to know!


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The Psycho Always Rings Twice

Attention people, whoever is smuggling in cell phones to Charles Manson can you friggin quit it. This is the second time the scariest man on earth has been caught with a phone. Hello, the dude is the god of mind fuck. All we need is another group of wacko followers to get caught in his manipulation tactics for goodness sakes. He’s been locked up for near 40 years imagine how pissed he is…and vengeful ?

Want sauce with that?


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