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Teacher’s Pests

Two high school students have been charged with video voyeurism after they filmed up a teachers dress and then posted the footage on Youtube. One of the students ask the teacher for assistance and as she bent over the other student rolled camera .Sneaky. Once the footage of her privates were up on the internet, they began spreading the word.


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The Photos You Don’t Want To See

Oh my, if you have ever seen a gyno  in the town of Schifferstadt in Germany, you may not like what you are about to read. A 56 year old  gynecologist has been arrested after taking photos of about 3,000 women’s “you know whats”, without their knowledge. Egads, that’s some collection. Police have seized about 35,000 awkwardly embarrassing photos of his naked patients. So far 700 victims have come forward. Sheez, how would you identify your…ah never mind. The sick doc is now facing a year in jail, while the women face a lifetime of embarrassment.

Psst Pity the fool who has to sort out the doctors collection.


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Blast Resistant Undies

OK, here’s the thing soldiers, thanks to the friggin Taliban getting sneakier and basically better at producing roadside bombs, BCB International have designed blast resistant undies. Yes sirree, the “blast boxers” are designed to protect your private parts from flying shrapnel.


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Equipment Malfunction

Watch this dad....dad!!!!!!

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooouch. A very unlucky and momentarily high pitched New Zealand man has managed to get his genitals caught in a flying fox at a children’s playground at Christchurch. Seems an equipment malfunction is to blame (not his silly!). The unnamed man was trapped by the balls etc by the mechanism when he hit the end of the flying fox line. Fire crews had to dismantle the seat to free him.Throughout the endeavor he remained “stoic” despite the excruciating pain his genitals were in. I bet there was screaming on the inside, hey bro?


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