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Phobos-Grunt Has Landed

Nero. Nero. Nero. Are you OK?

Hard hats off loons, the Russian Phobos-Grunt has landed. No, of course it didn’t land on anyone’s noggin but you might want to avoid eating fish caught in the Pacific Ocean for awhile. Gotta be careful of that toxic fuel now, don’t we?


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Duck Everybody, the Phobos-Grunt Probe Is Coming Down!

Has anyone heard of the Phobos-Grunt probe? And No, it has nothing to do with aliens…ah never mind. It’s a Russian spaceship, which was intended to be heading to Mars, but got stuck in the wrong orbit after blast off and is now out of control and expected to crash land somewhere on earth. Oh that’s just friggin dandy, has anyone seen my hard hat?.  And yes, we are getting the usual spiel about “don’t panic” the likelihood of it landing on someone’s noggin is near to none.

Want sauce with that?


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