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Hyundai Has Some recalling to Do

If you sit in the passenger seat of a Hyundai Fanta Fe SUV and weigh less than 130lbs there is probably a good chance you’ll be the only one smarting during an accident. Seems those friggin airbags won’t deploy unless you’re fat. Oh and if you happen to own a new Sonata sedan you might get kabooomed occasionally as they have a side air bag malfunction which causes them to deploy without warning.


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WordPress Fail

Can some techno geek explain to us why people are all of a sudden having problems commenting on WordPress blogs? Life in the WordPress bubble was happy and carefree until someone messed with it. If you are out there WordPress people can you fix the friggin problem.  Some people are getting messages asking them to log into their accounts before they can add a comment. Frustrating bit is the message comes up AFTER you have already written the comment and then of course you lose it.


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Nice Knickers

The new multi million dollar Franklin Courthouse in Ohio has just discovered why glass stairs aren’t a popular feature in public buildings. Um, because people down below can see right up women’s dresses and skirts.  One horrified judge is recommending that women wearing skirts or dresses use the lift and save themselves a whole lot of embarrassment due to the fact there is a busy walkway located directly underneath the see through stairs. A security guard has now been advised to be on the lookout for potential “skirt peepers”.


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OK people, if you expect your children to wake you up when the smoke alarm goes off, think again. A new study has revealed that most children and teens are more than likely to sleep through an alarm that sounds for 30 seconds or less. Which basically means while the house is burning down around you , you’ll have to go from room to room waking up the lazy little shits! Still no cure for cancer.


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F#@#ing Bigpond

To say I am friggin furious is an understatement. Again my friggin internet provider Big Small Pond has failed. It has been now over 16 hours and I still have no internet connection, I have been put on hold for hours and they have no friggin idea what the left hand is doing. When I finally got through to friggin billing instead of technical support the woman said I was not the only one pissed, she had also been put on hold for 45 minutes trying to get through to another department. So I apologize for my lack of posts today as I have had to borrow a wireless device.


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Friggin Internet Connection

I am still alive but have NO FRIGGIN INTERNET  #@$%^&*(). Can someone please explain to me how you can receive technical support from someone in INDIA? I have now gatecrashed a friend’s computer so should have some crap to say soon! #$%^&*()

FU Bigfrigginpond

UPDATE I spent over an hour with some stranger in a strange land trying to get the answer to just one simple question ” Is there is a problem with internet connections in my area ?”  I have had this problem a few times before and each time it has been a friggin problem in the area.  Will they listen? No! Will they tell you there is a problem in the area? No!  Do they friggin care? Obviously not because I spent the whole morning going around in circles with some invisible voice in a country, far, far away.  I had to check my modem 20 friggin times  and unplug it (despite all the friggin lights being green), then I had to change my friggin password  3 friggin times (WTF for?????) . Hello, my internet was working perfectly fine when I toddled off to bed, so unless some  friggin internet fairy was f***ing with my modem in the wee hours, I would conclude THAT AINT THE PROBLEM! In the end I was continually put on hold while Mr Monotone voice went off in search of a solution.  I hung up.

Psst Oh and surprise , surprise, it was a friggin problem in the area!


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