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When Your Kids Be Like

Oh dear, when a professor is talking to BBC about South Korean political troubles and he suddenly has some of his own… enter dutiful wife and mother.

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RIP Professor

Russell Johnson the actor who played the Professor on Gilligan’s Island has passed away. Johnson was 89. Now there is only Ginger and Mary Ann.


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Thought of the Day

That ain't no pat down!

Peter Rez, a professor of physics at Arizona State University, reckons the probability of getting a fatal dose of cancer from a TSA airport scanner is about 1 in 30 million. However, if the friggin scanner jams you could be radiated to kingdom come. With that in mind Professor Raz said “I opt not to go through [the scanner], because I don’t know what the probability of failure is,”  Hmm, that pat down line is getting awfully long! Could you just move your hand to the left and down a bit , I have an itch…thanks!


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