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It Took 30 Years to Have An Accident

Very sorry!

Very sorry!

Only in Japan does it take nearly 30 years to realize that two traffic signals at a T junction have simultaneously been turning green for about seven seconds at a time . Yes, that’s right people 30 years. Hmm, seems a programming error was to blame for this “accident waiting to happen” but nobody seemed to have noticed (gosh, they are so polite).Hmm, that was until recently when that  accident did happen and the drivers both claimed to have had green lights. When authorities investigated the accident it was found that they were right, no one had checked the programming since they were installed in 1980.  Get this, the police have admitted the error was entirely due to their negligence. Not only that ,they have apologized to the drivers, compensated them for the FULL cost of damage to both cars and have removed one of the signals. That is more news worthy than the friggin green lights debacle!


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