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Can You Hear Scratching?

Where the hell am I?

Oh for crying out loud people, how friggin hard is it to check a pulse before nailing a coffin shut, huh? Maria das Dores (88), who suffers from Alzheimer’s and blocked arteries had been declared by Brazilian doctors on the 22nd of December but funeral officials discovered she was breathing a few hours before being  buried alive. Sheez, I wonder how many friggin people aren’t so lucky?

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Honey, Get Back To Painting The Friggin Nursery !

Doesn't seem to be moving

You know what I hate? When  a baby is declared dead by doctors and then can be heard crying from the coffin during her wake. I really friggin hate that. The parents were shocked when they lifted the lid on the little coffin, after hearing a muffled noise, to see their snowflake crying her little heart out. Hidalgo state Attorney General has announced the doctors could be in big friggin trouble.


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It’s Alive, It’s Alive.

The baby elephant pronounced dead on Monday after ultrasound revealed it had died in it’s mother’s womb was born alive at Taronga Zoo today, shocking just about everyone. The poor little blighter was upside down and in a bizarre position making it hard to get through the birth canal and for mamma to get the damn thing out.  Worried zoo staff failed to find any vital signs during testing and announced the sad news to the public. Today however there was rejoicing after the bundle of joy plonked out breathing. Despite the celebrations, the next 24 hours will be critical and an around the clock team of vets and staff have been set up to provide the best care possible for the calf. Meanwhile Porntip (mamma elephant)  has been left twiddling her thumbs!

Psst Who names a friggin elephant Porntip?

2nd Psst Oh I forgot to mention courtesy of Dave from Hambo Central


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