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Polish Prosecutor Shoots Himself at a News Conference

Is it me or when a military prosecutor, leading the enquiry into the 2010 air crash that killed the Polish president, holds a news conference and then shoots himself, there is something they aren’t telling us! Colonel Mikolaj Przybyl has had a rough time since taking on the role as prosecuctor having been targeted in several attacks on his home and his car. Before putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger, he spoke  about corruption and criminal organisations in the military.Oh dear, there’s the prob right there!

Psst Seems Przbyl ain’t a very good shot as he is expected to make a full recovery.


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Enough Rope

See what I mean judge!

See what I mean judge!

OK, here’s the thing, Christopher Edward Newhook, when you are facing a “dangerous offender” hearing in Halifax it is advised you don’t yell at the prosecutor “I hate your F***ing guts” or “I wish I could cut your f***ing head off with a rusty hacksaw blade.” Hmm, it just doesn’t look good! Oh and nor does saying you look like a maggot, parasite and goof! Nasty!


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