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You’re So Grounded

Aw mom!!!

A 14 year old kid from Germany is in soooooooo much trouble after he pawned his mom’s jewelry, worth around $5,000 for about $500, so he and his mate could spend it on prostitutes. Hmm, they financed two trips to a brothel before his mother found out. Hell yes, she is pressing charges!!!! Police are also investigating the brothel for accepting clients under 18.


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Meet The Fokkens

These women are the oldest twin prostitutes in the world. At 69 (excuse the pun) the women are still doing it for themselves. OK, Louise retired two years ago due to arthritis and the fact she could no longer get her leg over…oh never mind. Anywho the Dutch women are now starring in a documentary about their  life.


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Home Comforts in Jail

What would you expect to find in a Acapulco jail during a surprise inspection? Close, but no! The surprise inspection revealed 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma TVs, 100 Cockerels for fighting and a couple of sacks of marijuana.Ta-da! Seems inmates run their own show down in Mexico.


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King of Chavs

Winning £9.7million in the lottery, priceless. Losing it all in an 8 year spending spree, even more friggin priceless. Michael Carroll (26) is keen to get back to work as a binman (garbage collector) after squandering his multi million dollar fortune on gambling, drugs and prostitutes.Known as the “King of Chavs”, Carroll says ‘I’m just glad it’s over. There were also vultures everywhere after my cash. I started to see what people were really like,’.Carroll now lives off £42 a week in jobseeker’s allowance after declaring himself bankrupt.


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And The Lesson Today

Move over Peter Sutcliffe we have a new serial killer in town. OMG, a British academic, who is believed to have a PhD in psychology and who is currently studying serial killers (in particular Jack The Ripper) is being held under suspicion of murdering three (and maybe up to 6) prostitutes. Nice one, hiding under the cloak of Academia. Stephen Griffiths (40) was arrested after a caretaker discovered horrific, and I mean horrific, CCTV footage of a woman being shot in the head with a crossbow. The victim, Suzannes Blamires, can be seen being chased down a corridor outside Mr Griffiths’ flat, bashed unconscious and moments later shot in the head with a crossbow bolt before being dragged away .Urgh, later footage shows a man, believed to be the university researcher, taking bin bags out of his flat. Oh dear and it just gets worse, police suspect Ms Blamires was dismembered with a samurai sword and some of her body parts eaten. Sheez, search his place I bet they find a DVD of Silence of the Lambs! Confirming fears, Police found body parts floating in River Aire, believed to be those of Ms Blamires,  on Tuesday. Shees, neighbors,  who called Mr Giffiths “weirdo”,  are probably counting their lucky stars he never overheard them!

Psst I wasn’t kidding the murders happened in Bradford, the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe’s old stomping grounds.

2nd psst
He also had a MySpace page under Ven Pariah which has now been removed!


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Getting Father’s Affairs In Order!

Coming, ready or not!

OMG, poor Angelo De Luca (81) fell out of a plum tree in Biasca, Switzerland but when he came out of his coma 4 days later he was a sex mad lust machine. As soon as he was out of hospital he blew $5,200 at a brothel in one friggin session on a prostitute young enough to be his granddaughter. “That woman preyed upon my father like he was a Christmas goose,” said Mr Luca’s son who now has taken control of his dad’s houses and bank accounts. Hmm and wait, there’s more, the family plan to sue the hospital for negligence.

Psst Sheez, I hope there is an epidemic of elderly men jumping out of plum trees!


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